Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Reading Profile

I like to read crime fiction and murder mysteries. My all-time favorite author is Patricia Cornwell. I got to see her in person several years ago at IMCPL's McFadden memorial lecture series, and was able to get a book autographed by her. I primarily read her books, although I have read other mysteries by different authors. My previous boss recommended "Murder Mile High" by Lora Roberts to me last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed that book as well. The plot contained a lot of suspense elements, and was a very quick and easy read because it was so engaging. It was hard for me to put that book down. I like short(er) books with a lot of suspense, mystery, and twist-and-turns in them though. Most recently, I read a graphic novel about "Jack the Ripper" that a co-worker recommended to me. I had previously been turned-off by graphic novels, but enjoyed this one because it had the appeal elements of mystery and suspense that I enjoy and it was a very short, quick, & easy read. Quick reads appeal to me because I am a slower reader now. I also enjoy reading non-fiction books about some type of sociological phenomenon. I have read "Cinderella Ate My Daughter," which appealed to my interest in sociology and gender stereotypes. I also read a newer book about Barbie, which I am currently spacing on the title of. That book had the same kind of appeal as the previous one for me. I suppose you could connect the types of fiction and non-fiction books that I like in that they both tend to challenge common gender stereotypes in some way, and are somewhat feminist. For fiction, I like books with a lot of detail that allow you to picture the scenes and/or action in your head. I like Patricia Cornwell because her books are more focused on detailed plots than characters. However, her characters and story lines are realistic as she has based much of the detail in her books on her real-life experiences, and it shows. For a quick recap and read, I like:

  • Quick, short reads
  • Mysteries with a lot of suspense and twists and turns
  • Detailed plots